Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Home Inspection?

A Home Inspection is a tool for the Real Estate Transaction.  For a buyer, it is a third-party visual inspection of a purchased property.  For a seller, it is an opportunity to have a generalist deliver a list of defects, or issues, so that there are no surprises that could impact the sale of the home.

Why would I hire a Home Inspector?

A Home Inspector is a generalist, well-versed on the home and its many systems.  A Home Inspector provides a report of all of their findings, as observed on that given day.  A Home Inspector is affiliated with multiple Home Inspection and local REALTOR associations, is licensed and insured, and can arrange access to the home.

A home-buyer could arrange to hire a Roofer, an HVAC Mechanic, a Plumber, and Electrician, as well as other professional experts. Each professional would need to be scheduled, and some would charge for the service or provide a "free estimate".   All of these professionals would need to to coordinate access to the home, evaluate a given system, then provide a professional report, and all of this would need to occur within the time constraints of the Real Estate contract.

How long does a home inspection take?

It really depends.  On average, the inspection takes 2-3 hours at the property.  The square footage, age, and findings will all factor in to more or less time spent on-site.  We typically finalize the inspection at the end of the work day and have the report ready that evening.

Do I need to be present for the home inspection?

While we always prefer to have the client present, we certainly understand that may not always be possible.  Our inspections include a "slide-show" of photographic findings, which is typically the final portion of the inspection.  From these photos, we can zoom in, or where applicable re-visit the area of concern with the client.  

We have had great success hosting Web meetings that allow for out-of-state clients to go through the slide-show with our inspector (scheduled at a later time).

Ok, you've found some issues.  Can you recommend someone? How much will it cost?

While we may refer to other companies for special inspections, like stucco, sewer line, etc., we generally defer to your REALTOR.  The REALTOR generally has a good team, who is very responsive (given the timelines affecting all).  

Given the current economy and supply chain issues, it is difficult to be accurate in any estimation.  Only a professional can speak to the costs and they can also include your tastes, and budget for level of repair.

I need to know how much this is going to cost so I can negotiate.  What can I do?

We offer Repair Estimate Reports (RER) from Porch.  They can import our Home Inspection Report, and in 24-48 hours produce estimates for all major and minor repairs.  Estimates are based on pricing from local providers from their network.